Victor Melchor

Victor Melchor

Southern California-based filmmaker, Victor Melchor, crafts stories that explore the journey of creatives and teaches what he's learned along the way.

Brands Worked With

  • BlackMagic
  • Dehancer
  • Moment

Creative Interests

  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Film Photography
  • YouTube

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Victor Melchor

Victor Melchor

Southern California-based filmmaker Victor Melchor crafts stories that follow the journey of creatives while teaching what he's learned. His documentary stories portray a sincere and optimistic vision for the life of anyone that is open to pursuing an art form. His inspiration is often found in spending everyday moments with loved ones or in solitude. Car rides, grocery stores, parks, and even the simple view from his window are all places that inspire his creativity. As a creative who has learned everything he knows about filmmaking from YouTube, Victor created a channel to help future filmmakers start their journey behind the lens.