CineClear UV Protection Filter - 49mm

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CineClear UV Protection Filter

    High-quality UV protection lens filter to protect your high-quality lens. The CineClear UV Protection Filter protects your lens from dust, dings, and fingerprints and reduces the negative effects of UV light on your images. Using our best German Schott B270 glass, with a 98.5% transmission rate and 16 layers of optical coatings, this UV filter is resistant to dust, fingerprints, and reflections. CineClear won’t degrade your image quality and is designed to be stackable with your favorite filters and lens caps. Our signature Moment Red finish and tactile grip texture make for a sweet piece of hardware you’ll never take off your lens. If you're still not convinced you need one, read up on our CineClear UV filter review to see why.

    SKU: 600-109

    Tech Specs

    GlassGerman Schott b270 Optical Glass
    Optical Coatings16 layer anti-reflective coating with ‘Liquid Glass’ surface treatments for anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch resistance
    Frame MaterialAerospace Grade Aluminum
    Outer Diameter49mm = 51.7mm / 52mm = 54.7mm / 58mm = 60.7mm / 62mm = 64.7mm / 67mm = 69.7mm / 72mm = 74.7mm / 77mm = 79.7mm / 82mm = 84.7mm
    Depth49mm = 6.1mm / 52mm = 6.1mm / 58mm = 6.1mm / 62mm = 6.1mm / 67mm = 6.1mm / 72mm = 6.1mm / 77mm = 6.1mm / 82mm = 6.1mm
    Weight49mm = 11.1g / 52mm = 13.6g / 58mm = 16.8g / 62mm = 18.9g / 67mm = 21.9g / 72mm = 24.6g / 77mm = 28.0g / 82mm = 31.2g

    Frequently Bought With

    • Soft Filter Case



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