The Best Wide Lens For Your Smartphone | Moment Wide 18mm Review

Made for the everyday photographer and filmmaker, the Wide 18mm Lens makes your camera phone even better. Here's why.

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Our Moment Wide 18mm lens is ideal for versatile photography and filmmaking. Packed with quality optics using real glass and aerospace-grade materials, this popular attachable lens works beautifully in any lighting condition when placed over your smartphone's standard 1x camera. The T-Series is ideal for the new generation of Apple or Android phones, but our M-series is still a wonderful choice for older devices. We'll continue to make M-Series drop-in mounts for as long as they work, but T-Series is the new standard.

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18mm Wide Mobile Lens | T-Series


Meet our 18mm Wide T-Series Lens, the perfect wide-angle lens for mobile photographers and filmmakers. Instead of the usual distorted ultra-wide shots from your phone, this gem offers a beautifully br...

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It’s Better Than Your Phone’s Native Wide Lens

Ditch the conventional distorted ultra-wide snaps from your phone, and embrace a panoramic 100-degree view that still feels authentic and undistorted. The secret? A meticulous 6-element HD glass design tailored specifically for modern phone apertures. This ensures you can capture twice the scene with a flatter, richer perspective—even when lighting isn’t optimal.

The brilliance of the 18mm focal length lies in its adaptability. It's the ideal lens for expansive landscapes, intricate cityscapes, and majestic architecture. Yet, its magic doesn’t stop there. Dive into group photos, intimate interiors, evocative street photography, or dynamic vlogging easily. The 18mm allows for pronounced foreground depth and a broader range, making it an unparalleled ally for photographers and filmmakers. It's not just a lens; it's your versatile photographic companion.

For a visual illustration, refer to the images provided below.

  • f/1.8 aperture on the iPhone's wide-angle lens, giving you more range (shown right).
  • f/2.4 aperture on the iPhone's ultra-wide, resulting in less range (shown left).
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It’s the Go-To Lens

...& Capture 2x More Picture

Mounting the lens is as straightforward as lining up the white markings on your lens and the case, then turning it clockwise. To remove it, twist in the opposite direction — it's that effortless, precisely what you need when creating content with your phone.

The Moment Wide 18mm lens is a remarkable accessory that enables you to capture more from a confined space and extends beyond the typical wide setting of your smartphone. It's ideal for photographing tight spaces or snapping the perfect interior shot. However, its true strength lies in vlogging. Having personally used it to create YouTube content on location for Moment videos, our team can vouch that the Moment Wide 18mm truly immerses viewers in the experience. This lens empowers you to vlog without the burden of a bulky camera, offering a vast field of view that perfectly captures you and your surroundings easily.

What a Photographer Thinks: "This is the best lens for my phone, period." - @cameracaleb

Check out the #MomentWide hashtag on Instagram from customers around the world.

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Versatile, Even In Low Light

Made for the everyday photographer and filmmaker and those capturing landscapes, interiors, kids, and tabletop scenes. Get a tabletop shot of your brunch table without standing on a chair. Capture the entire sunset from the top of your hike, not just part of it — or document kids and pets without backing up and missing the moment in the process.

As we’ve said for the 100th time in a row — this lens is the best go-to for first-time Moment users and we mean it. Users can confidently capture complete subjects in the frame because the wide angle is 2x as wide with zero distortion. The build makes it on par with your big camera’s 18mm lens, marking this bad boy as your next DSLR killer... as TechCrunch puts it.

Using the Moment 18mm Wide lens over a phone's standard camera is a game-changer for enhancing image quality, especially in low light conditions. In photography, aperture refers to the opening in a lens through which light passes to enter the camera body. It's often measured in "f-stops" such as f/2.8, f/4, etc. A smaller f-stop number denotes a wider aperture, which allows more light to enter the camera. Conversely, a larger f-stop number indicates a narrower aperture. When you place the Moment 18mm Wide lens over your phone's camera, it effectively increases the lens's width. A wider lens can gather more light, which inherently aids in boosting the aperture. This means that, with the Moment lens, you're working with a wider aperture than the phone's standard camera alone.

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Product Touch Points

With impeccable glass made for high-quality imagery, the Wide lens is a near-perfect focal length for travel images and on-the-go sceneries. Interesting product touchpoints to consider:

  • Cinema-quality optical glass gives you an incredibly sharp image edge to edge.
  • Captures a 100-degree field of view that is optimized for broader camera apertures.
  • Best for big scenes, landscapes, and vlog-style videos.
  • Made with aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.
  • The removable front ring allows 67mm filters to be securely mounted via the lens filter mount.
  • For the best imaging results, we recommend using the Moment Pro Camera App.
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