14 Must-Have Fujifilm X100VI Camera Accessories

Filters, straps, slings, converters — we've got it all. Dress up your sexy X100VI camera with our curated list of trending and affordable accessories.

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Dress Up Your Camera

Elevate your photography game and bring out the best in your Fujifilm X100VI with our handpicked selection of must-have accessories. Whether you're an avid street photographer, a travel photography enthusiast, or simply passionate about capturing life's everyday moments in stunning detail, the right accessories can transform your shooting experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive deep into the world of filters, straps, slings, and converters, offering you a curated list of trending and wallet-friendly add-ons to enhance the capabilities of your X100VI camera. From ensuring your shots are crisp and clear in any lighting condition to carrying your camera in style and comfort, our selection is tailored to meet the needs of every Fujifilm shooter.

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1. CineBloom Diffusion 49mm Filter

Best For: Creators wanting a dreamy, hazy look to their image or video.

A diffusion filter often creates a glowy haze that spreads the light across the etched filter surface while maintaining crisp contrast and sharpness. It’s the effect of bending a percentage of image-forming light from its original origin to defocus. The 49mm filter thread is perfect for the X100VI's fixed 23mmF2.0 lens and alters your images' state into a dreamy-looking scene within seconds with no post-processing. The glass is made by fusing a microlayer of NanoBlack particulates between two top-grade Japanese filter glass layers, allowing us to maintain full image quality. The ring of the filter is precision machined from aerospace-grade metal and designed to be thin enough to stack underneath another filter without compromising the field of view. This pairs perfectly with Fujifilm X100VI's built-in ND filter, giving you unlimited versatility for every image.

  • Available in densities of 5% (1/4), 10% (1/2), and 20% (1)
  • Premium Japanese Optical glass for superior image clarity
  • Easily stacks underneath Moment Variable ND Filters
  • Knurled grip for easy removal
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2. Rugged Camera Sling 10L

Best For: Everyday carry, camera carry, adventuring, travel.

This multipurpose camera sling is designed to protect your equipment and keep you organized, no matter where you may be. Constructed from solid bomber materials and padded for extra durability, this rectangular bag can fit many items. Inside are several pockets, customizable dividers, and a "Stability Strap" to keep it tight when you're in motion. Its ergonomic design allows the bag to be used comfortably by right or left-handed shooters, and its rugged construction guarantees it will withstand any gnarly outdoor conditions —finally, a bag to put all your trust in no matter where you are.

  • Super Organized: A camera sling you can configure with modular, padded dividers to create multiple small pockets or take them out for a single compartment.
  • Fast to Access: Top-down opening for grabbing gear on the run.
  • Extra Tough: Waterproof NPX body material with water-resistant YKK zippers.
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Rugged Camera Sling - Olive / 6L


The rugged, comfortable camera sling for your most active days. Bomber materials and durable padding protects your gear on the outside. Lots of pockets and customizable dividers keep you organized on...

Add for $99
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3. Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap

Best For: Quick carry for any camera, keep your neck strained-free!

Peak Design's clutch strap is about quick access and easy adjustments for your Fujifilm camera, letting you secure your X100VI in a flash when needed. Made with a tough Hypalon exterior, a soft microfiber pad, and sturdy aluminum hardware, it's designed to last and inspired by the best climbing equipment. It connects to your camera in two spots: the strap mount via a strong Hypalon loop and the tripod mount with a sleek, Arca-compatible Standard Plate. Plus, it's fully compatible with other Peak Design straps and the Capture Clip, though those are sold separately.

  • Attaches quickly with Peak Designs Anchor connection system
  • Strong enough to hold any pro camera/lens/accessory combo
  • Microfiber Pad: Never gets sweaty or sticky against your hand
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Clutch Camera Hand Strap

Peak Design

Quick-connecting and quick-adjusting, the clutch gives you access to your camera’s controls by quickly cinching down when you need security. Hypalon exterior, microfiber pad, and aluminum adjuster har...

Add for $44.95
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4. Evergreen Leather Camera Strap

Best For: Lovers of good design want a leather strap made with love.

The strap was aesthetically designed after vintage film camera straps with the modern comfort of the microfiber backing. The back side of the leather strap is lined with an ultra-soft microfiber suede for comfort. Plus, it's absolutely stunning for nearly any camera you carry.

  • 38" Length
  • Genuine Leather
  • Hand Stitched Waxed Threads
  • 1/2" Minimalist Design
  • Comfort Soft Touch Backing
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5. Long Weekend Camera Pouch

Best For: Keeping your Fujifilm X100VI snug in a cute pouch for your hip or bag.

Small cameras need love, too. Designed to add the perfect amount of protection to your point-and-shoot camera without adding bulk. The minimalist and collapsible design forms the shape of your camera, so it still fits in whatever pocket you want to throw it in. Webbing loops on each pouch side allow you to connect your favorite neck strap. Attachment points on the back let you clip it to any bag or backpack strap. This is perfect for throwing inside a larger tote bag, or attaching it to your hip for city walks, music festivals, and all-day outings.

  • Fully padded for camera drop protection
  • Secure velcro closure.
  • Side attachment points for neck or wrist straps
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6. Benro MeFOTO RoadTrip Pro

Best For: Serious photographers who need a large tripod for travel and outdoor shoots.

Look no further than Benro’s MeFOTO RoadTrip Pro Tripod for a sleek, portable travel companion. Jam-packed with incredible features and versatility, this one-of-a-kind tripod has everything you need when you move. Weighing only 3.6 lbs but with a payload capacity of 17.6 lbs, this tripod supports your Fujifilm X100VI regardless of terrain.

With the innovative phone holder QR plate, you can easily switch from camera to phone in a snap. Capture your photography and social content without changing heads or plates in the same setup. The 5 leg sections extend to a whopping 61.8”, giving you the height you need and ultimate versatility with your shots. The adjustable two-section center column gives you even more height to your shot. The center column can be reversed for low-to-the-ground shots. Removing the center column and the padded leg can convert this tripod to a monopod for versatility, including vlogging or timer selfies. Its padded rubber grip provides comfortable handling and is handy during extreme temperatures.

  • 6 in 1 tripod- Tripod, Monopod, Boom Pole, Selfie stick, High Hat, tabletop tripod.
  • Convertible arca-style QR plate holds cameras or phones.
  • 2 two-section columns that add extra height but folds small.
  • All metal leg lock- proven durability.
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7. Model V Square Hoods

Best For: Photographers who dig a vintage-style protection piece over your camera lens.

Compatible with all Fuji x100 cameras, including the X100VI.No adapter or extension ring is required with this hood, the 49mm filter screws straight onto the extended sleeve. The Model V also has a plastic dust cap and an adjustment tool. The following 49mm filters have been tested and work with the lens hood. The body style and overall quality build pay homage to the aesthetic often seen on vintage film cameras.

  • Includes plastic lens cap
  • Quality build that will doubly protect your lens from falls or spills.
Image from Squarehood.
Image from Squarehood.
Image from Camaraderie.
Image from Camaraderie.

8. TCL and WCL Lens Converters

Best For: Photographers needing lens converters for the fixed 23mmF2.0 lens.

Made for the Fujifilm X100, X100S, X100T, X100V, and the latest X100VI digital camera – the TCL-X100 II Tele Conversion Lens narrows the original fixed lens's field of view by 1.4x to offer a tighter, 50mm equivalent focal length. This add-on lens is designed to maintain the optical performance of the original lens, and the X100F camera body automatically recognizes it.

Alternatively, the WCL-X100 II Wide Conversion Lens broadens the original fixed lens's field of view by 0.8x to offer a wider, 28mm equivalent focal length. This add-on lens is designed to maintain the optical performance of the original lens, and the X100F camera body also recognizes when the conversion lens is attached and displays matching frame lines when working with the optical viewfinder.

  • TCL: Converts Lens to 50mm Equivalent
  • TCL: Magnification: 1.4x
  • WCL: Converts Lens to 28mm Equivalent
  • WCL: Magnification: 0.8x
Image By Alik Griffin
Image By Alik Griffin

9. JOBY GorillaPod 3K Tripod with Ball Head Kit

Best For: Vloggers, selfie-lovers, or outdoorsy creators needing to prop up their camera something funky.

The Joby Gorillapod tripods are our favorite because they’re versatile, and the 3K size is especially so. It is a solid size for the Fujifilm X100VI or even a smartphone when using a phone clamp like the GripTight Pro 2. The flexible tripod legs wrap around anything from a street sign to a tree branch, so you’re never limited when setting up a shot or looking for new angles. This kit includes the ball head attachment, which is important for angle and setup flexibility.

  • Holds devices weighing up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Includes Ballhead with 360-degree panning bed and cutout for full 90-degree tilt.
  • Built-in level for perfect shots
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10. 49mm CineClear UV Protection Filter

Best For: Added protection and security against your expensive X100VI lens.

High-quality UV protection lens filter to protect your high-quality lens on the X100VI. It protects your lens from dust, dings, and fingerprints and reduces the negative effects of UV light on your images. Using our best German Schott B270 glass, with a 98.5% transmission rate and 16 layers of optical coatings, this UV filter is resistant to dust, fingerprints, and reflections. CineClear won’t degrade your image quality and is designed to be stackable with your favorite filters and lens caps. Our signature Moment Red finish and tactile grip texture make for a sweet piece of hardware you’ll never take off your lens. If you're still not convinced you need one, read up on our CineClear UV filter review to see why.

  • Premium German Schott B270 glass for superior light transmission (98.5%).
  • 16 layer optical coatings ensure longevity and easy cleaning when necessary.
  • Protects the front element of the lens from dirt, debris, moisture, and other impacts.
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11. Camera Batteries by Wasabi Power

Best For: Literally anybody — you need to keep your camera charged!

Various bundles and batteries, like the NP-W126, replace the Fujifilm NP-W126 or NP-W126S battery pack. This battery features 1400mAh, which provides a longer run-time between charges. It is made with Premium Grade-A cells to provide maximum battery life and comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, the Wasabi Power NPW126 is completely compatible with all Fujifilm original equipment including the Fujifilm charger.

  • Premium Grade-A cells
  • Long-lasting
  • More affordable than alternative battery packs
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12. SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Card

Best For: Creators needing a basic yet long-lasting SD card for photos and videos.

The SanDisk name is popular because this brand provides the creator with reliable SD storage solutions for their cameras. Perfect for shooting 4K UHD video and sequential burst mode photography, the 256Gb is a great amount of space for anybody needing an affordable yet fast and reliable SD card for their new X100VI camera body.

  • Shot speeds up to 140MB/s
  • UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)
  • Pair with the SanDisk Professional PRO-READER SD and microSD to achieve maximum speeds (sold separately)
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13. RØDE VideoMicro Go II

Best For: Content creators needing audio for video.

It's the #1 best-selling shotgun microphone for a reason: cute, easy, and streamlined for audio ametuers. Featuring RØDE’s innovative annular line tube technology, it delivers highly transparent and directional sound ideal for content creation and filmmaking applications. With no batteries required and no complicated controls, it is incredibly simple to use, and the innovative HELIXTM isolation mount system and included windshields will ensure all your recordings are crystal-clear.

  • Professional-grade on-camera shotgun microphone
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • RØDE’s annular line tube technology
  • Innovative HELIXTM isolation mount
  • 3.5mm TRS output
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